Cimrman Conquers America!

April 19-28, 2017


April 19 & 22, 7PM at the Bohemian National Hall, the Czech Center in New York, (between 1st and 2nd Avenue) 321 E 73rd Street, New York, NY 10021

April 21, 8PM at the Hostelling International NYC, 891 Amsterdam Avenue, NY

Tickets for New York shows

April 26 & 27 6:30pm at the Abramson Family Auditorium, New York University, 1307 L Street, NW. Washington, DC 20005

Tickets for DC show on April 26

Tickets for DC show on April 27

April 28 7pm, Cathedral of Mary Our Queen, 5200 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21210

Tickets for Baltimore show


Calling all Czechs, Czech descendants, czechofiles, friends of Czechs and theater lovers – Jára Cimrman is coming to North America! This tour, in the second half of April 2017, is a unique chance for Americans to understand how this beloved Czech genius, scientist, composer, educator, philosopher, inventor, etc influenced the history of the world.

With the support of our wonderful fans both in Prague and abroad, we had a successful campaign on Indiegogo to fund our air travel. And now we are packing our bags and are on our way to bring the legendary Stand-In (Záskok) by Cimrman, Svěrák and Smoljak in its only official English translation to the United States!

As the tour is supported by the Czech Embassy in Washington, D.C., we aren’t able to charge for tickets, but we are asking people who come to the shows in America for a suggested donation of $15. If everyone who comes and enjoys the play were to donate, we would have enough money to pay for our food while we’re in America. But we’ve made the decision to create a new crowdfunding page with all the same perks as the previous campaign for people who would still like to help out! Donate now to our Indiegogo campaign and get great rewards!


Here is a little preview of the Stand-In as performed in Prague at the original Cimrman Theatre:

We would like to thank the Czech diplomatic missions in the USA for their generous support! Thanks to their efforts we will be able to use local performance halls, accommodation and a minivan.

Your contribution will be used to pay for our provisions. Donate to the project and become an integral part of Jára Cimrman’s North American conquest! Your contribution will help us spread the word of this unknown Czech historical giant to the wider world, the man who advised Chekhov to write Three Sisters instead of two and who invented TNT only to arrive to the patent office two minutes after Alfred Nobel patented his own version of dynamite.

Back our fundraising campaign on Indiegogo and we are prepared to welcome you in the fold of science – you may become a cimrmanologist and even an honorary member of the Cimrman English Theatre!

Who are we and who is Jára Cimrman?

Z. Svěrák - Czech national treasure
Z. Svěrák – Czech national treasure

We are the Cimrman English Theatre – a group of English speaking actors living in the Czech Republic dedicated to performing the works of Jára Cimrman. Anyone who has lived here will have crossed the name of Jára Cimrman. He is a fictitious character of a Czech genius, who lived at the turn of the 19th century and who is dear to every Czech heart. Ask the nearest Czech!

Czechs are so proud of him that in 2005 he won a nationwide poll for the greatest Czech. All Czechs we talked to – including the character’s creators – insisted his comedy was untranslatable. But we proved them wrong! In 2014 we staged a reading of The Stand-In (Záskok) and it was a huge success covered by the media, our audience was excited as was the last surviving creator Zdeněk Svěrák.

J. Cimrman's bust - no one knows what he looks like.
J. Cimrman’s bust – no one knows what he looked like.

We have been playing ever since. We love it and are extremely proud to be spreading the good word about the Czech Republic, which has become our second home. Our audience is mixed Czech and foreign. In a lot of cases Czechs bring along their foreign partners and friends and are excited to share the comedy with them.

Somewhere along the line we thought, wouldn’t it be great to bring Cimrman to North America? There are so many Czechs, who have English-speaking partners, Czechs, who do not speak Czech any more or simply admirers of Czech culture!

That is how the project began and now we are almost there!

The Stand-In (Záskok): M. Pithan (Vogeltanz) and C. Matthew (Vlasta); Cimrman’s Stand-In is also a love story!

During our tour we are hoping to reach approximately 1000 viewers during our six shows. In addition to that David Smoljak, son of Ladislav Smoljak (one of the actual author’s of Jára Cimrman’s plays) is seriously thinking about shooting a documentary about our tour, which would be financed separately. If we go the Czech Radio‘s correspondents will also get involved and visit our shows. Last but not least, if we you help Cimrman conquer North America we will be in touch with you through our video journal documenting our trip!

Let your family and friends know about the shows! If they do not know Jára Cimrman, explain it to them.
Like our Facebook page, share our videos and if you can, donate to our project!

What Does Our Audience Say?

“Yesterday was my 3rd time with you guys, and I laughed all over again right from the start. You are making your performance better and better…” (Facebook)

Great fun, excellent translation and hilarious actors. Great opportunity to finally show this jewel of Czech literature to my friends!” (Facebook)

“Unbelievably good adaptation of Cimrman’s plays. A must-see for everyone – especially foreigners who want to understand and enjoy Czech humor and mentality. Wish you good luck!” (Facebook)

Read more at our Facebook page or our Tripadvisor page.

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